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Iries in Roots meets Alpha & Omega – The signs

A dìgital reissue of one of the most important records for dub of the last thirty years, it is entitled ‘Signs’, was released in 1994 on the German label Bubak and was the meeting of the German Iries in Roots and the English Alpha & Omega, the best of that golden period for the new course of dub.

The record is a handbook on modern dub, the direct descendant of the glories of previous decades but beginning to make history in its own right thanks to works like this.

The depth of the dub of Iries in Roots and ALpha & Omega is different from that of, for example, King Tubby, there is a drier and very modern bass that opens up so many possibilities, and in fact in the years to come this bass will be the key to encounters with musical genres that seemed light years away from dub, and that instead go very well together. ‘Signs’ is a deep dub work, with the best features of the two collectives coming together for one of the best dub records possible.

Precisely in the first half of the 1990s, starting in England, perhaps even more important in the dub field than Jamaica, a different sound began to propagate, with keyboards taking on more and more space and importance, with a more pop sound and more open to the most diverse electronic contaminations. All this and much more can be heard in this reissue that brings back a fundamental record and, above all, one that is still current and fresh after almost thirty years, as the sound here never gets old and indeed still seems to have surprises in store for dub lovers. The two collectives involved are the highest expressions of dub from those years and beyond, and this encounter is truly extraordinaryordinary.

Iries in Roots meets Alpha & Omega – The signs

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Iries in Roots meets Alpha & Omega - The signs

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