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In Your Eyes ezine  we are a group of passionate creatives who believe in the power of DIY in music, art, books, and film. We pour our hearts and souls into every piece of content we create, striving to inspire and connect with our readers on a deep emotional level.


Belau - Apriori

Belau – Apriori

The record is a triumph of electronic sound derived from the most melodic trip hop, with a great chill and dreamy influence

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Niclas Erlandsson – Väsen EP

Few have succeeded in this difficult task, but there is one sound that was born to describe what is happening, and that is techno. Niclas Erlandsson comes from Sweden and releases his ‘Väsen EP’ on Berlin-based Antimodus.

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Delerium – Signs

Delerium: Is it possible to make electronic music with many ambient influences and with the direction of the sky above?

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