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Desolat – Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die

High quality and very corrosive noise for this Austrian band releasing ‘Get sick and let me watch you die’ for the American Reptilian Records.

The Viennese trio, another band from Austria, the country of not so many underground bands but with good quality, comes from the crust punk and hardocre milieu and its members have played and play with of Phal:Angst, Cyruss, Dim Prospects, La Ligne Maginot, Gfrast, Face The Owl, Radikalkur, E. M. S.

Their noise therefore receives many instances from these bands. M.S. Their noise thus receives many instances from these musical genres and sub-genres for a very abrasive but also very well constructed result with many layers, in the manner of the best Unsane-style noise. In fact, the reference noise style is precisely that of New York City, the fertile cradle of a style that has since infected other parts of the world like Vienna like a virus, and from that infection come excellent bands like Desolat.

Reptilian Records is a constant reference point for noise lovers and in fact they soon put them under contract and in this first record for the label you can hear all the skill and passion of this remarkable trio. You can’t live on noise alone, and Desolat know this well, as there is so much more to this album than just noise, as you can hear hints of sludge, hardcore, and even stoner for a record that will appeal to many noise lovers and those musical compositions that grow note by note, a gentle desperation that rises like a wave and crashes down on us who wait for it like junkies with a dose.

Desolat is one of those bands that has a different musical vision and manages to put it into sonic practice with illuminating and enlightening passages, a veritable labyrinth of noise ranging from Unsane to Neurosis reworked in a personal and very appropriate key.

A record of noise, sweat and melodies that pierce the black veil. The record’s artwork and title were inspired by Texas’ BRUTAL JUICE and their 1995 Alternative Tentacles-released masterpiece ,” I Love The Way They Scream When They Die.

Desolat – Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die

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Desolat – Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die

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