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Rude Audio and Dan Wainwright – Psychedelic Science

Rude Audio aka Mark Ratcliff and Dan Wainwright, from South London and from North Wales, respectively, have combined their musical visions to produce “Psychidelic science” eight tracks of visionary and very electronica-related dub, with so many inspirations within it, from On.u Sound to Andy Weatherall, from Orb to King Tubby. Mark and Dan are two veterans of the electronic scene, and their sounds have passed through the hands of Don Letts and Andy Weatherall, among others, and into the ears of many people who wanted to open their minds.

As stated by the musicians themselves, they wanted to create a work that was fundamentally dub but that looked so much at 1960s American psychedelia and the English electronic sound of past decades. The result is a differently dilated dub, which rather than being true dub is something lysergic and sweet, a rise and fall where the air is more rarefied and more benign. Those who enter here should not expect classic dub but something different, at once more modern and more ancient.

Rude Audio have succeeded in the feat of combining two musical genres that are seemingly far apart, but have the same ultimate goal : to expand the consciousness of the listener.

The production is sumptuous and makes the most of the peculiarities of their sound, which is not a unique sound, rather a uniting of different musics and rhythms, from England to America, from Arabia to Jamaica as the lowest common denominator megalithic bass turns, because here the bass is the element around which everything revolves, and we with it. Listening to the record is very engaging, giving moments of pure meditation as well as moments of remarkable spiritual joy, possessing an almost physical sense of rhythm. The progressive aspect is also very important because here the tracks do not go in circles but always push forward, and the track “Patience Dub (A Prog Odyssey)” closes the record perfectly. Very remarkable work, with great depth and very very original, but above all it sounds great and will delight both dub lovers and more psychedelic heads.

Special mention for a spacey remake of “Heroes” by the White Duke with Ken Baabs on vocals, the legendary man of militant psychedelia who here at 84 years old interprets the song delightfully. To break the prevailing, all-consuming anxiety listen to this record.

Rude Audio and Dan Wainwright – Psychedelic Science

1. Be Love ft Ram Dass 08:03
2. Fire On The Mountain 09:18
3. The Fever 06:26
4. El Qasr Dub 07:03
5. Control 07:51
6. Talking To The Sun 08:06
7. Heroes (Merry Prankster Dub) ft Ken Babbs 10:09
8. Patience Dub (A Prog Odyssey) 18:38

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