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In Your Eyes ezine  we are a group of passionate creatives who believe in the power of DIY in music, art, books, and film. We pour our hearts and souls into every piece of content we create, striving to inspire and connect with our readers on a deep emotional level.

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Growing up, in every sense, is in itself a positive thing but deep down it always creates some problems.

Just as for mothers, who must constantly renew their children’s wardrobe to adapt clothing to their physical development, also for In Your Eyes the constant growth of contacts encountered in recent years means having to face a “pleasant” problem: to deal with the numerous requests for reviews that we receive every day.

As you know, we don’t set ourselves gender limits so, if we are sufficiently covered on some, on others we objectively struggle to take charge of all the material.

Above all with regard to electronics, the ratio between the number of records to be reviewed and those actually satisfied is decidedly unfavorable: it is precisely here that we need new lifeblood, in the form of someone who, with their passion for music, wants to combine that of making others share your sensations, but it is useless to tell you that, even if you were enthusiasts and experts of other genres, we would still be happy to welcome you into our family.

Obviously we don’t need people who want to undertake this activity in an excessively sporadic and discontinuous way: our individual target is around a minimum of 4-5 reviews a month, in any case not many if we think that it would mean writing at least one every week, without counting that an Enthusiast (with a capital E) always finds it at least an hour a day to listen to music.

If you think you can reasonably guarantee what is requested, come forward, even if you have never had any such experience in the past; in reminding you that all those who work in our webzine do not earn a cent from it and that the real reward is to undertake a hobby that allows you to interact directly with musicians, record labels and promotion agencies, we invite you to write to the address

[email protected]

Subsequently, you will be contacted by those involved in planning and publishing the contents, to go into more detail about the collaboration.

Give yourself a gift, try to transform your passion for music into something even more stimulating …