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Black Stax is an hip-hop collective from Seattle, they play a different blend fo hip hop as a culture rooted in community and in people’s history. Their music is special as they thoughts that they gifted us in the next interview.
Listen to their music, that’s really rich and full of stories and humanity.

Many many thanks to Black Stax.

Hello, thanks for your kindness and for your time.

-Are you from the northwest of U.S.A, can you tell us about this area and the hip-hop scene ? –

Jace- Yes, we are from Seattle WA the northern west corner of the United States, It’s the last place you hit before you go in to Vancouver BC (Canada). Washington state is a beautiful place as far as the surroundings. There is a lot of blues and greens, water, mountains, beautiful trees, hidden gems if you are in to hiking or river rafting. It’s a serene place and leads to some wonderful sights as you move throughout the state. Seattle is the ‘city’ or ‘town’ as we like to call it. It wants to be a big city but has a town mentality. It’s a developing city with plenty of cranes and construction. There are great places to walk/run or ride your bike. It has great seafood and plenty of ethnic restaurants that will make you love it. Beautiful places to look at the city from and see all the things that make it so wonderful for those who visit, But, Seattle has policies and procedures in place that make it difficult to believe that it’s as Liberal as it states to be, Hip Hop is alive and well in the city but I think we need to do a better job of playing local music in clubs, on radio, at barbershops , hair salons and particularly at coffee shops & dispensaries, Seattle needs to figure out how to match the talent that’s in the area with resources and outlets so the Artists can find a way to make what we do recoupable. And, Seattle has the resources to do it!-

-What does it means for you the word community ? –

Felicia Loud- community for me is decades of generations being watchmen for one another. It is a genuine care for the well-being of others. What I mean by that is, any cares will speak to my parents about how well mannered I am as well as speak to me. And when I am reacting in a disruptive manner that same person or community of people will speak to me and then speak with my parents. Community means no family is in need of any resources because the community invests in supporting one another. The community acts on support, give, and receive.

Jace- It means a common unity. Something that brings us together. It means finding ways to work together to build a stronger and brighter future. Community is about responsibility and accountability to one another. Community is very important in what we are and what we decide to be.

– The art of hip-hop can be linked to activism in these days, where the hip-hop is one of the most manistream music ? –

Felicia Loud- ALL music that is profitable is mainstream. I agree that Hip- Hop is linked to activism because of the social commentary that certain artists choose to honestly speak about. Hip-Hop is mainstream because it speaks to the humanity, the politics, the social esthetics, the present, and the future. From what I have been taught Hip-Hop is a culture. Music genres created by black culture go through exploitation and mimicking due to its activism. Drums, gospel, reggae, blues, jazz, folk tales. We are creative beings hands down so our activism is a natural state of who we are. Hip-Hop is our newest contribution with undertones of life experiences.

Jace- Agreed!!

– Your beautiful music isn’t just hip-hop it’s like a journey into the black culture, what’s the direction of your path ? –

Felicia Loud- Hip-Hop is black culture. As Black Stax our journey through this music is experience. It is out of learning. Everyday is a conversation about what we either thought we knew about a certain subject or what we’ve discovered new about that subject.

Jace- When we sat down and formed Black Stax our mission wasn’t just to represent only through Hip Hop/Rap Music. It was to honor the contributions of all the Black Artists that have made contributions to Art & Creativity. So, we couldn’t leave out Blues, Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, Reggae, Gospel, Country & Western, African Drums, Spoken word or it wouldn’t be authentic to our mission, which is Honoring the Black Experience on this Planet. Honoring Black men, Blkack women, Black children and of course our Ancestors.We love who we are and we want the World to know we are Proud of that!

– What’s the situation today in America for the black people and do you think that the actual government is better than the previous ?-

Jace- To give just an overall statement about the situation for Black people in America would be a disservice for the multifaceted construction of our people. There definitely are some challenges with racism, unfair education practices, police brutality and non-accountability, definite health and food crisis, as well as housing and fair pay issues. So, yes there are things to hit on but also know there are some Black people who are addressing these issues and finding ways to be helpful without waiting for the government.

Felicia Loud- I can not speak for black people in America. I can not speak for black people abroad. There are a few realities that I can speak in due to my own experiences and knowledge there of. There is a pride of entrepreneurship that is growing within the U.S.A among black people. Not anything new but resurfacing. There are hardships of racism by corrupt officials inflicted on black people. The water crisis in Flint Michigan, in Mississippi, the drug addiction and lack of assistance, the health crisis and lack of assistance. The private conversations about love, self care, and family are very inspiring.

-When you play in Europe what are your fellings ?-

Jace- I actually felt welcomed! There were a few instances where people would look at us like who are they and what are they going to do. But, once the music started it was either a connection or not. And, 95% of the time there was a connection! Which was Dope! Seemed like every encounter growth and grew organically not manufactured, We have an affinity for Europe no doubt! At times fely better than being back in Seattle -:)

-What dou you think about european hiphop?-

Felicia Loud- Jace and I were able to work with two European Hip-Hop artists while in France .Dj King Flow and a mc named Tiske’ Sanka. My thoughts as it pertains to them as representatives of the Hip-Hop culture was they were fun, positive content, receptive to what we bring to artists add libs and building sounds.

Jace- European Hip Hop has a connectivity. Seems like the Artists enjoy and respect the culture and they come from that when putting together their contribution towards the Art & Culture! Hip Hop is a connector Worldwide and I’m glad it hasn’t lost that!

-The future of Black Stax is…-

The future of Black Stax is endless, no limitations because we still have living and learning to do! so, we are open to what comes next…believe that Dope Music is in there though!!

Jace- meeting the two (2) young men and hearing their stories was moving and as well as insightful. We met a young lady with a similar story and we just want to find ways to support, help and bring some type of awareness to their situation. Please send them our regards and we can’t wait to hear from them or see them again. In Solidarity!!

Thank you again for sharing our answers on your platform. Big Respect!!


Thanks for the music and for the culture.

Black Stax

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