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The Ragged Jubilee, A New Album & A Record Deal

(Photo Credit: Alex Creswell)

The Ragged Jubilee is a 4 piece blues, garage, rock n’ roll band out of San Luis Obispo, California.

They have been performing together for over 15 years with 4 studio albums under their belts. Their music has appeared on such television shows like Ozark, Showtime’s Shameless, and in film. They have most recently landed a record deal.


You just got signed to DC Jam Records! When exactly?

Chandler: It was official last week.


Were you on any record labels before?

Chandler: No


You have a new album on the way?

Chandler: Mulholland Overdrive doesn’t have a specific release date. We would really like it to be in January. That would be our goal for sure. We are done recording it. We’re in the late stages of mixing it then it is going to be mastered. These days the vinyl industry takes at least 5 to 6 months for pressing.


Is it still going to be mixed by Rob Campenella (The Brian Jonestown Massacre)?

Chandler: Yes, we recorded at his studio and he has been doing all of the mixing. 


When do you plan on touring?

Chandler: Shortly after the release for sure. We are on the west coast in central california. Our goal is to play as many shows here on the West Coast and eventually get out to the east coast then international. Right now our main focus though is the west coast.

Ethan: We have toured the country a couple of times now and without much of a push you’re kind of just playing a random night in Salt Lake City or Portland. Sometimes it’s good for the experience but it’s not always good for the band.


Spain would love to see you!

Chandler: You know, that’s what we’ve heard and if you look at our info on our website at who is buying our albums Spain is up there. As a country, they dig us for sure.


Where would you love to tour?

Ethan: Spain, Mexico, and all over Europe.

Chandler: Really anywhere, we just like to play music. Getting out to new audiences and experiencing how people live in different areas. Even just driving up to Seattle and meeting people and seeing how they are up there.


Did any of you have lessons growing up?

Chandler: Everyone in the band is self-taught. Ethan is the lead singer and guitarist. I play bass. Austin is the other guitar player and Aaron is our drummer. We are all self-taught. It starts when you are a teenager and you have that itch to play.


How did you all meet?

Chandler: Ethan was 16 and I was 21, (the other guys are a little older). I was working with Ethan’s brother and I was going to play a solo show. His brother said let me and my brother play as your backing band. That’s what I meant Ethan was during that practice. I let him play a couple solo songs and I said how about I play in your band after that. That’s when I played bass with him. Aaron was our friend and I said you’ve got to meet this guy Ethan, he’s insanely good. Shortly after that I told Austin, (another mutual friend of ours) about their band and he spoke in interest. He showed up to practice one day and now we can’t get rid of him.


How has life changed since you’ve been signed and what have you noticed?

Chandler: I think it’s still really early to notice a ton of differences. This is one of them. Rarely do we get to sit down and talk to people and have interviews. I’ve been noticing just a kick in traction.

Ethan: I think that it means a lot to our fans. That’s what I’ve noticed is the most excitement from our fans. They’ve been following us on this journey for 15 years now. Being on the right label and making these positive steps. We’ve had interest from other record labels over the years but none of them were quite the right fit. We held out for something that really fits us. DC Jam records just feels right.


Any last words?

Chandler:  Mulholland Overdrive has been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. It’s really exciting. Our goal with each record is to produce a better one than the one before. This is our best album so far and we are excited for people to get it and hear it.

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