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Vincenzo Pizzi / Plaster

Vincenzo Pizzi

Vincenzo Pizzi is a sound explorer of the future who comes from planet Earth but wants to go far beyond our borders. Founder and owner of the Pyteca label with which he is releasing his fourth album ‘Aware’, he graduated in Sound Design from the IED in Rome, collaborates with the same IED in training and has worked through audio and visual with Red Bull, Versace, Liu Jo, North Sails and many others.

In this record he shows us a lot about the possible future of electronic music, especially IDM, that branch of electronic knowledge that best develops the connections between machines and human feelings. In a piece like “Lethargy”, the human soul performs two actions: that of elevating itself to something that is much more than our usual condition, and at the same time losing itself by entering a particular and unexplored mental channel. “Aware” is a sound exploration of expressing human feelings through machines and codes, through synths that paradoxically understand more about ourselves than many other things.

Pizzi researches a lot and always finds the right sound these work it comes from a live performance project, denoting a very thorough knowledge of the mechanisms of electronic music, which we find here in the full range of its colours.

There are moments of early techno, when electronica often combined with psychedelia, there are techno inflections with pulsating basses as in ‘Paregorico’ or ” Mena forte”, moments of drive, and moments of meditation. Vincenzo recreates a new and liberated space from everyday life made of electronics and both human and non-human feelings, emotions and thoughts.

In times of debate about artificial intelligence, which travels faster and faster than we understand it, the Italian producer shows us a masterpiece that fuses the human creative mind with the means offered by technology in the best possible way, and the result is wonderful and very, very human.

This fourth record is a confirmation for Pizzi that he is in a very small circle of producers who go far beyond ordinary electronics, making one develop wonder while listening.


Plaster is the stage name of Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri, a half-Italian, half-Iranian audiovisual producer. “Obscura”, out now on the Textvra label, is his fifth studio album, and sonically explores the female universe, its being light and darkness, Alpha and Omega, like the tracks collected herevwhich are Alpha from the first to the eighth while the others are Omega, which also recount the female condition in Iran, the protests following the death of Marsha Amin.

We can also find some audio passages of all this in this disc, which is made up of magniloquent electronics, produced with a grand design in mind and which breathes very broadly, without ever having an obvious or predictable passage. Plaster’s sound is gloomy, starting from leftfield and IDM and going into sythnwave and industrial territories in a very well composed sound variety.

‘Obscura’ is a journey into woman and her contradictions, her unbelievable beauties and abysses, as she has explored the cosmos of life far more than man. The result is an album that explores dark electronic sounds and situations that tend towards the light, recounting at its best the torments that women are forced to endure not only in Iran where this is most evident, but also in many of our homes.

The album is musically very rich and varied, with a very precise stylistic signature that follows an artistic path that has no equal in Italy.

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