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Today I learned; What is noise grind? With mad scientists Enjoyable Music!

Enjoyable Music are these strange peculiars making noise by infusing a shit ton of genres in what is a digital hellscape of brutality. Sounds fun to me!

Usually, I catch on to sweet riffs, good drumbeats, or a whole different genre. And they usually say when rhythm or time signatures are off balance it is called jazz, however…what Enjoyable Music brings is a wall of noise through the eardrums and it helps me shut off the demonic thoughts in my brain to replace them with white noise and melody. I dig it!


‘Shit as an ethos’ is a 36-minute compilation of what to do when you want to think nothing but enjoy the quality of some good noise. And they manage that just fine…a weird mix of screams and chaotic samples punching ahead. Would you know I never listened to any truly noise records? Well here we are and I have to tell you…while I was skeptical at first…I have played the entire 36 minutes of the album and whilst part gave me minor heart attacks, the other parts made me move my head up and down and be completely engulfed in the sound.

It took me a while to adjust but I will occasionally put them on for a full frontal assault on the brain and enjoy some music. Enjoyable Music has gotten me a little bit over the edge of what we like to call Noisegrind.

If you never heard of the genre like I did, there are a few other bands but give this one a whirl and if it hasn’t made you leave the room at the end without saying anything, well you know what you have to do.

Check out more enjoyable music especially from these guys, with the great collab of multiple producers; Formaldehyde Production, Sick Phoque, and Imploding Sounds! They have perked up my ears and it’s a great collection of what the duo intended to unleash into the world. Chaos, havoc, and some good blasting noise!


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