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The Saint and allkillersnofillers presente: The Adventure with the Saint episode n° 45 Teresa, 10 ottobre 1963

The Adventure with the Saint episode n° 45 Teresa, 10 ottobre 1963
1) Descendents – Hurtin’ crue (Enjoy!, 1986)
2) Plasticland – It’s a Dog Life (Salon, 1987)
3) Rikk Agnew – O.C. Life (All By Myself, 1982)
4) The Backdoor Men – Out of my Mind (S/t 7″, 1985)
5) Rudimentary Peni – 1/4 Dead (Death Church, 1983)
6) The Immortal Lee County Killers -Boom Boom (Love Unbolts the Dark, 2003)
7) Dead Finks – Baby (The Death and Resurection of Johnathan Cowboy, 2021)
8) Rocket from the Tombs – Read It & Weep (The Day the Earth Met The…,2002)
9) Los Primos – On My Floor (S/t 7″, 1995)
10) Husker Du – Flexible Flyer (Flip Your Wig, 1985)
11) Cheater Slicks – Retribution (Forgive Thee, 1997)
12) Tits – Daddy Is my Pusher (S/t 7″, 1978)
13) The Spites – Cheap Beer, Fast Cars and Girls (VV.AA. – Third Wave of Hits, 2004)
14) The Perverts – I Wanna Come Back from the World of LSD (For Perverts Only…, 1995)
15) The Nervous Eaters – Just Head (Eaterville #2, 2020)
16) Snõõper – Fitness (S/t 7″, 2021)


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