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The Diplomatics – Go High

The Diplomatics are an Italian punk band formed in 2013. Their sound is of early 1970’s punk with garage rock folded into the mix. Prior to Time To Fly?, they have two studio albums under their belts along with hundreds of gigs. 

“Go High” is a single from their third studio album, Time To Fly? It will be released in December of this year on Go Down Records.

The band statement “Go High” ( : In Winter 2022 we composed the song inspired by the music of The Saints and Punk 77 bands. It’s an anthem to the need for self-assertion, despite the obstacles and limits imposed from the outside. Going against the tide has always been our creed, even at the risk of crashing into the pogo. Strong attitude, non-conformism, zero compromise and self-confidence to the max!

IYE: Are you planning a tour soon?

Seth: Sure! We are planning an Italian and European tour for spring 2023 and another one probably in autumn 2023.

IYE: Have you played in the US?

Seth: Not yet. It would be a dream for us to play in the States!

IYE: How long did it take, start to finish to make this album?

Seth: The songs on this new album have been developed in different ways. We started composing ‘Jungle’ and ‘Dancing All Alone’ in 2017, but completed them between late 2021 and early 2022. ‘Nevah’ and ‘Irish Whiskey’ were written in 2019. The others were made up just before the recording sessions, between the end of 2021 and the spring of 2022. I guess it took exactly as long as since the release of our previous record! We needed five years to give the album the desired direction, that is pretty much time, but also consider the break due to the pandemic and the many tours we did in the meantime, hahaha!

IYE: Do you think this is your best album? If so, why?

Seth: Actually, we don’t know if this is our best album ever. It is definitely the one that represents us best now and whose songs we feel are 100% convincing. We think it is better than our previous one “I Lost My Soul In This Town” and as good, or maybe better, than our debut “Don’t Be Scared Here Are The Diplomatics”. The main reason is the perfect blend of the line-up. I mean, there is the right chemistry and we all play with the right attitude to make the best contribution to the songs. Today we have the energy, power and style we have been looking for many years. We are finally able to explore and merge our musical styles together, without rush or bias… totally free! This freedom allowed the birth of a unique energy, as if it was a new beginning.

The Diplomatics – Go High

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