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Quentin Smirhes – At The Court Of The Duke

Here We are again, as so far nothing was into give shakes and thrills.
Call it phenomena would be pretty much restrictive ..That is VICE`s job!
The difference hit the status quo, and Quentin Smirhes goes to much forward to be a hipster thing.

I would like to introduce His Majesty with more sugar and spice, and if We all really want to have any ID code We`ll travel back into some Bread and Puppet`s show , more nihilistic and out of any political environment.

The symbiosis have been occurred decades ago with “Cipri` e Maresco” pre evening broadcast.. But then again who is in charge to define and compare what is what ?

Sir Sean Reynard, in all His full regalia, is here and this is pretty much it!

Confident, genial and forerunner The Man has the clue, for Christ`s sake !

1 How should You define the edges with art , performances and solid music ?

Too good to be true, seems You have founded a smooth and perfect combination to make it with charm I started making music in bands in the late 80’s early 90’s playing bass. I was very much influenced by Progressive Rock and Experimental music which then led into me making sound art. Sound sculptures and installations then shifted into performing improvised music
with made instruments etc. I became interested in making comedy films with my friend and some of our characters would be over the top experimental sound artists.
I feel I have continued throughout my film career to utilise the sound aspect as a very strong component to drive my ideas. A lot of my films are completely dubbed using none of the original sound. I have always loved surreal art and comedy and feel I fit comfortably in the no mans land between the comedy world and the art world and the music world.

2 How important is make a connection between the tangible world and the defragmentation of it ? Because It really drops into a deeper state of unconscious realm, and that ceremony happened by…. which kind of magic??

I love the mundanity of the everyday as much as the fascination of the surreal and unknown, I like to fuse the 2 together somehow. I like to play around with ideas based on the semiconscious state or dream state especially dreams triggered by discomfort or illness. States we probably remembered from childhood watching tv whilst ill off school on the settee.
I like to play with the comedy of paranoia, hypochondria and anxiety.

3 Your creative source , linked to Your modus operanda is positively restless , and that`s great ! How should You effort the energy to working all alone so efficiently ?

I see it as an infliction really. I go crazy if I can’t achieve making new ideas. I have more ideas than I could possibly achieve and sometimes this worries me I will never be content. But I much prefer it this way than the opposite of being dry of ideas and unmotivated. I sometimes get frustrated as my ideas become too difficult to realise so that is the reason I moved to using Photoshop to get out ideas in a quicker and sometimes more effective manner.

4 How has been Your first approach with the Music and who persist by the crawl of time as a true ;reference ?
I think I probably answered this in my 1 st question whoops.
I will always say my favs are Black Sabbath and Kate Bush! I probably listen to Library Music from the 60’s and 70’s more than anything thinking about it. I am a big fan of Italian Composers and bands of this time such as Guido & Maurizio De Angelis, Goblin, Stelvio Cipriani, Bruno Nicolai, Ennio, the list goes on. I would definitely say music has inspired my film ideas more than anything really.

5 Sean Reynard and Quentin Smirhes.. which sort of dichotomy connect them??
I have the feeling that it might be that easy define as Doc. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde..

I think Quentin is my anxious, paranoid side. My childlike side. My controlling side. My complete and utter idiotic side. My inner lunatic. The scholar. My quaint, delicate side The Fearing of everything side. However he is rather reassuring to inhabit.

6 Efficient and excellent how You are so softly to combine a very polite aesthetic besidem theatre and music interlude. What has been triggered You so far?

I could say just my experience in music and comedy and having many friends in both worlds I have played around and developed over the years. I invented Quentin playing around using the Vine app that does not exist anymore. It was the modern film equivalent of an answerphone for me. I used to spend too long on my mums answerphone making silly messages and everyone ringing my mum would get really pissed off with me about it! I enjoy filming myself as you can really play uninhibited and experiment with delivery and subtle gestures that i’d probably find difficult and embarrassing in front of someone. Saying that, I’m so used to doing him now I’ve stopped caring what people think and just slip into him quite comfortably these days. I had no intention of having a regular character but Quentin is so part of who I am I can’t help involving him into most of my ideas. I do enjoy playing Gentle Geoff also but Quentin seems to push him into the background somewhat. I think Gentle Geoff is probably better for my mental health though.

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