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OUR THOUGHTS ON: Never Mind The Apocalypse by 13 Aliens

Dive into the unknown with the new 8-song E.P. called Never Mind The Apocalypse by 13 Aliens.

Does it warm your heart to hear some rob zombie-esque sounds in punk rock? Well, you are in luck, as 13 aliens have released this E.P. just for you!

 The weird, odd, space vibes with this punk aesthetic and artwork from Russ Miller are just a good time. With the full E.P., I got the feeling it was missing a campy horror film that later would become a cult classic. Weird, fun, humorous, and slightly disturbing. And then the massacre starts whilst the band is playing and people are getting devoured by vampires…Oh wait, that’s already been done. But who cares? It sounds nice and from dusk till dawn was great okay! Honestly, this record just gives off the same feel in a good way.

The guitar is spacy at times and then goes back to the hard-punching riffs we know in punk. Lengthy intro that matches the vibe of this entire E.P.

You would blast this on a good summer day whilst driving through the desert, sunglasses on, and just driving to wherever.

Definitely give it a try if you feeling in the mood for spacey yet tasty-sounding punk riffs!

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