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OUR THOUGHTS ON: 50 Years later ;Kimono My House; Tribute album by Pale Wizard Records.

Pale Wizard Records release 50 year anniversary tribute to Sparks with

 ‘Kimono My House – 50 Years Later’

Featuring Phoxjaw, Krooked Tongue, Tony Reed, Sergeant Thunderhoof, Besvärjelsen and many more

1ST MAY 2024




Sparks first became a household name in the UK in 1974 when their iconic song ‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us’ hit number two in the singles chart. Their Top of the Pops BBC TV performance of the song is remembered vividly by everyone who saw it, bringing brothers Ron and Russell Mael into the front rooms of millions across the country that evening.

After two attempts of making it big in the early 70s with Bearsville Records albums ‘Sparks’ and ‘A Woofer in Tweeter’s Clothing’, Ron and Russell Mael ditched the rest of the first Sparks lineup and moved to London. It was there that they signed to Island Records and recruited a new lineup that struck gold at the first time of asking with ‘Kimono My House’.



What do we think of it?

Kimono My House – Sparks

Is an album that delves in to this upbeat, happy progressive rock sound that perfectly encapsulates the era of the 80’s where they were in the same vibe as Supertramp or Electric Light Orchestra. But where the poppy sound resides more in both of those bands they kept it different by having a more punk, British rock sound. Worse or better is either here nor there but what they definitely brought is more amazing music later through the years.

The 50 years later albums by Pale Wizard records wants to put a new spin on things and we are here to give our two cents.

All songs have dipped in this fresh new batch of a higher quality production whilst not losing the style that Sparks brought with this album. The quirky, happy, upbeat, progressive sound shines through the songs.

They feel amped up like they were already good and now they took another hit of adrenaline. The Energy that was always instilled in the songs blasts through on the track that Tony Reed did on Amateur Hour. You can hear the roots but the strong voice cuts through the song like butter and the drums are helping him do this. The guitars sound fresh through the mix and make it a more energetic version of an already good song.

But let’s take a walk back and go to the Phoxjaw piece making a different version of a big song from Sparks. And if you ask yourself the question if they’ve delivered? They have, the essence of the song sounds the same but the heavier guitars, and the more chuggy parts make sure every hit of the drum is delivered through so atmospheric and beautiful. The vocals sound similar to the original singer Russel Mael but deliver an extra layer of screams at the end that give the song a new edge.


All in all, it is truly a great tribute to a cult favorite of the album Kimono My House as a lot of artists hold the essence of great tracks like Hasta Manana Monsieur by Krooked Tongue or Talent Is An Asset by Silvery.

As we go to the back end of the album, the energy isn’t stopping with tracks such as Complaints by Chaosmonaut, and In My Family by Black Helium.

One sounds faster than the other but still having the same amount of energy instilled in the tracks.

It’s great to hear such different varieties on an older song and maintain the original and give it some originality!

Both bands Equator and Dis & Co change the energy to a more melancholic, calm air before the last punch is given by The Slightest Bits on Lost and Found.

This whole album is a new experience of a classic and in my opinion definitely worth to check it out yourself. Especially if you are a fan of the american cult band Sparks, this will give you some new takes on great songs!

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