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Milk St., Spaced Out Now!

Spaced is an 11 track EP from Bangor, Maine natives Milk St. It is their first EP, recorded in 2022 at Dooplex Studios through Mushroom Stomp Records. 




Milk St. are a post punk/ alternate trio that formed in January 2018. Jonah Wakefield sings and plays guitar, Gabe Chambers plays bass, and Josh Whittemore is on drums. 


The band was originally called Spaced which is what the album is named after. All members got matching tattoos and one of them had an incident with a radiator and head injury. This is how the album cover photo was taken! 

This album will not disappoint the listener. I loved every single song. In fact, it brought me back to my early years of listening to punk rock. The nostalgia of old school post punk on Axe To Grind and Baseball reminded me of The Replacements in this modern age. His House and PLMFP are both equally catchy with excellent vocal arrangements and high energy buildups. 


I highly recommend this album. Lots of talent here from this trio of young men.


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Milk St.

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