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Interview with Inner Light

The Inner Light are a metalcore and hardcore band from Rouen, France. Their first work is the eponynmous ep, a killer metalcore style that reminds of the best things in that genre.
Marine, the talented singer og the band. has kindly answered to some questions, and her words are really interesting.
Thanks to Marine for her kindness, thanks to Inner Light, and many thanks to Didier Cauchois for the contact.

-Hello, thank you for your kindness. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?-

The project started in 2021, with Marine, Tristan and Mathieu. Despite the split of our former band Thorn In Flesh, we still wanted to play together. At the end of the same year, Nicolas and Max joined us to complete the formation.

– Your debut is a remarkable record, with mature and original hardcore metalcore, what are your influences?-

Thank you very much for the kind words! Our influences cover a wide range, going from Trivium, or Parkway Drive to Underoath. We want a sound mixing something brutal but giving a true melodic place and full of energy.

-The construction of your songs is never obvious or obvious and often does not follow the easiest path, how do you compose?-

Tristan is the main composer. He lockdown himself for 3 days and then reappear with enough materials to fill a demi dozens of potential songs with most of the guitar’s riff. Then Mathieu and Max fill the rythm section with bass and drums. Tracks final structure is fixed when every band members is satisfied with the different part’s succession and the overall feeling of the song during rehearsals. Marine and Nico are more focused on lyrics writing to fit the feeling of the song. It’s like everyone has his own task making it very easy to work as a team.

-Is your city, your environment a source of inspiration for you?-

The whole world can be a source of inspiration. The main thing is to find subjects that affects us. We often write songs about miscellaneous facts as cults, murderers, wars etc..

-What kind of path do you want to take in the current music scene?-

We don’t have a plan ! We just want to play music together, go on stage, share our energy with everyone who is ready to accept the gift and grow up all together as a band. With this mindset let see where it will lead us !

-What did the making of this ep give you and what do you expect from the audience?-

It is the first step of the band’s life. It took 2 years to achieve this, then it’s a great satisfaction for us to finally share the results. It helped us a lot to know each other, and learn how to work together taking advantage of each members abilities.
We want to share our music as much as possible to play in different places. We hope of course that our music will be appreciated ! But the most important remains the will to play on stage each time an occasion appear. It’s our main focus.

-Which singers do you appreciate the most?-

That’s a difficult question, there are too many incredible singers. Now, I think about:
• Mark Oseguada from Death Angel, for the power of his voice
• Robb Flynn from Machine Head, for his energy and his interpretation
• Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, i’ve no words to describe him

-Last question: describe the feeling of being in the Inner Light…-

For us, in rehersal and concert it is lot of energy to share, and a challenge to go as far as possible.

Merci beaucoup.

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