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The Queen Is Dead Volume 94 Sextile Belau Electric Six


Sextile’s first record for Sacred Bones, after two albums for Felte. The record is titled “Push” and is an incredible coherent blend of many divseri genres, united by talent and originality. Their sounds range from ebm to new wave, to the darkest Prodigy-style big beat, from hard techno to more contaminated techno, always a nice kicking bass in evidence. What is most striking about Sextile is their ability to move from one musical regime to another without ever losing bite or incisiveness, having a clear idea of music in their heads. The record is a rave that is brought to your doorstep, a rave done intelligently that brings the music back to the center. A fixed and constant presence within this record is their city Los Angeles, a real totem that brings together different styles and musical conceptions perhaps like no other city in the world. Also very strong is the post-punk spirit of the record, that disillusionment about revolution and other things that comes from an awareness of one’s own time, and that is fundamental to creating a record like this. Despite the death of founder Eddie Wuebben in 2019, the group has worked and struggled to become what we can hear in “Push,” which is an excellent record that will appeal to those who, like the group, listen to rock, metal, electronica and techno indifferently.


Coming from Hungary are Peter Kedves and Krisztian Buzas, aka Belau, one of the electronic realities taking off in Europe. After their first album entitled ‘The Odyssey’, which won the Hungarian Grammy award for best electronic record in 2016, the duo consolidated and confirmed themselves with ‘Colourwave’, which made them known above all at an international level. This single ‘Focus’ featuring the beautiful female voice of Myra Monoka is the first single from the new album ‘Apriori’, which will be released on 27 October. The single is an electronic, pop caress that combines computers with a very dreamy, sweet and very modern female voice. Everything is in its place and works very well, for a great piece of dreamtronica, an underground genre that appears here and there, but Belau’s art goes far beyond classifications and is all to be discovered. An electronic dream and very pop.


The Electric Six from Detroit since 1996 are one of the mysteries of modern music, or perhaps everything is much clearer than it appears to us. The band does whatever the fuck they like, whenever and however they like, and that is the first rule, i.e. there are no rules here. Every genre is covered, in fact genres do not exist, and this new album ‘Turquoise’ on Metropolis Records is the clearest demonstration of this, being a bottle full of carbon dioxide that is opened and explodes in the face of those who should drink it. The record, like all Electric Six’s work, is very American has that taste of rock epicness and at the same time normality, almost as if it were a bleus record. Certainly rock declined in so many ways dominates, but in reality ‘Turquiose’ is a very high density concentrate of Electric Six that is much more than rock, any kind of rock. One either loves or hates the band, and listening to this record one will certainly be divided, while one should just listen to it, since Electric Six are among the last heirs of a certain pop rock that comes from Supertramp, Devo, Queen, with a certain punk taste above all for the desire to do what they want, and has the gift of being magnificently funny, with a bonus of a very notable fuck you to everyone.


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The Queen Is Dead Volume 94 Sextile Belau Electric Six

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